About DNS Cash

September 2, 2017 | RUS


DNS Cash is an Internet affiliate program that lets its affiliates earn money by (1) cheaply registering .COM domains of our choice on their account and then (2) passing control over them to the DNS Cash system.

Following sign up, our system will let you view lists of domain registration offers assigned to particular calendar days (a calendar day is here determined according to the UTC time zone, also known as GMT or "Greenwich time" — days begin in minute 0:00 GMT and end after GMT 23:59). Consequently, every offer of domain registration is connected with an Implementation Day (which equals: the date of the list out of which the domain name was taken; you can browse such lists for all the possible days) — this day is the day on which the domain must be registered and redirected to DNS Cash if you expect to earn on it. You will earn money if the domain is registered and directed to our name servers at least throughout the Implementation Day of the offer (i.e., whole 24 hours of GMT time, without any exceptions). There are no further requirements; for instance, the identity of the registered owner of the domain is meaningless for us. You can avail yourself of privacy protection services for WHOIS data (if you want to buy such protection from your registrar) or of discount codes, and so on, as you please (see also the Q/A section). What matters is that a domain from our list must really be set up to point to our name servers (or IP addresses) in the Internet and, at the same time and throughout the Implementation Day (and for that reason — even a little earlier), must be added to your account in the DNS Cash user's panel.

Further infromation can be found in other sections of this site — Rates and Q/A.

Using DNS Cash you can increase your monthly revenue by a significant amount of money, doing almost nothing every day! For example, 3 domains will let you quit your daily job and still have cash for living normally. You can even earn hundreds of dollars every day, if you are not running out of time (just try to register a lot of domains). And you need no special abilities: simply sign up here, visit a cheap registrar's website (possibly through Proxy/Socks/Tor), pay e.g. US$ 1.17 for a domain name chosen by us, direct it to our name servers (preferrably — shortly before the Implementation Date begins), wait till the Implementation Day of the offer — and then, after it ends, look how income appears in your user's panel here on the very next day. It's really that simple!

Don't hesitate anymore, sign up today in DNS Cash.


October 3, 2017:  We are proud to announce a system of earning on recommendations. Earn additional 5% of the profit of affiliates who registered in this system thanks to your recommendation. In order to begin advertising please get in contact with the administrators of DNS Cash.